Section J contains policies, regulations and exhibits on students -- admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, suspension and expulsion, health and welfare, records, publications and school-related activities.

JFABD-G  Homeless Students

JFB-O Enrollment After Count Day

JF-G Enrollment

JH-O Attendance and Tardy Policy

JICD-O Conduct and Discipline

JICF-O Secret Societies/Gang Activity (coming)

JICH-G Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use by Students

JICI-G Weapons in School

JICK-O Bullying Prevention and Education

JIH-G Student Interviews, Interrogations and Searches

JII-O Student Grievance Policy 

JII-O Title IX and Section 504 Grievance Policy (coming)

JJA-G Student Organization

JKA-G Corporal Punishment/Use Of Physical Intervention And Restraint

JKA-R Corporal Punishment/Use Of Physical Intervention And Restraint Regulation

JKD-G Suspension Expulsion of Students

JLCB-O Immunization (Coming)

JLCDB-G Administration of Medical Marijuana

JLCE-O  First Aid and Emergency Medical Care (coming)

JLCD-O Medication Administration Policy and Procedure

JLCDA-O  Students with Life Threatening Allergies (coming)

JLCE2-O Asthma And Anaphylaxis Policy

JLCE3-O Food Allergy

JLCE-O First Aid Training Staff at Events

JLF-O Employee Mandatory Reporting

JQ-G Student Charges/Fees                2019-2020 Fee Schedule

JRC-G Student Data Privacy and Security

JRC-O Rights Concerning Student Records

JS-O Student Computer, Network and Internet Usage