Field Trips

Internal Field Trips

Field trips provide a valuable educational benefit. However, off-site situations can expose students to hazards that are not present in the normal school environment. As a result, it is important for administrators to carefully review and monitor field trips to ensure that risks and potential school liability are minimized. Please make sure you review CEC Policy IJOA Extracurricular Activity/Field Trips/Special Events and Transportation

Transportation requests for internal field trips must first be approved at the school level. Once approved, the sponsor can complete the request for a bus (or buses) using the Internal Trip Request Form by accessing the link on the right.


External Trip Requests

The CEC Transportation Department shall be responsible for scheduling and approving the use of CEC  buses by community groups.
  1. CEC-owned buses will be driven only by CEC employees as approved for that particular trip scheduled by the CEC Transportation Department.
  2. Any approval of use shall be subject to cancellation in the event of adverse road, weather or other conditions which could reasonably present a danger to passengers, drivers or equipment or in the event of unexpected or emergency school needs.
  3. All use shall be subject to the availability of appropriate equipment and personnel. The CEC Transportation Department may impose such requirements as are deemed necessary relative to supervisory personnel accompanying any group utilizing transportation equipment.
  4. Incidental costs such as, but not limited to, alternative transportation in the event of a breakdown, feeding and housing of users and similar costs shall be the responsibility of the group using the equipment.
Requests will be referred to the CEC Transportation Department by accessing an External Trip Request Form link located on the right.