Welcome to the Colorado Early Colleges Transportation web page.

CEC currently offers bus transportation to and from school for a limited number of students. Please apply for this free service by completing the application below.

Be sure to read the Student Conduct and Responsibilities on the Buses Acknowledgement form. This form must be signed by parents and students and returned to their bus driver. Bus drivers will have copies for students or you may print the form (link below) and returned the signed copy to your driver.

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Colorado Early Colleges has partnered with SafeStop to provide parents and guardians with notifications regarding projected bus arrival times, potential delays or other important notifications. SafeStop's multi-platform application can also notify parents and guardians each time a student scans on or off the bus. In the event of a service interruption, bus breakdown or poor road conditions, the transportation team can send a push notification about the delay through the SafeStop app. There is no charge to use the SafeStop app. Please download your app for the best up to date communication from Transportation!
  1. Steps to begin using the SafeStop app.
  2. Register with SafeStop. Have your CEC's code number ready. (This is emailed to families by the transportation department)
  3. Download the SafeStop app in the official Apple or Android app stores.
  4. Download the SafeStop user guide to help get you started.
  5. To add students in the app; Go to Settings, Manage Account, Choose your Jurisdiction, then choose manage student scanning. From here the parent will just add their students name and the card number on their ZPASS as the scan code.

SafeStop has useful frequently asked questions and provides robust customer service. Please use these resources for questions about registration, use of the product and other technical issues.
For questions regarding CEC Transportation, please contact:
Transportation Director
Michelle Sears-Ward
(719) 559-0903

CEC Bus Rules


The safety and welfare of students shall be a primary consideration in matters pertaining to student transportation. The policies that govern the conduct of students are written in the Student and Family Handbook and posted on the CEC Network School website.  These policies and rules apply during all phases of a student’s transportation provided by Colorado Early Colleges. This shall include, but is not limited to, in or on any school bus and at any school bus stop. In addition, this regulation applies regardless of whether the student is being transported to or from school, to or from a field trip.  To sign the Student Conduct and Responsibilities on Buses Acknowledgement Form please click HERE.

 Rules and Regulations

The student and parent/guardian are responsible to read and understand the school bus conduct and safety rules.

 Prior to departure and Loading students will:

  1. Be on time to the designated bus stop
  2. Stay off of the road at all times while waiting for the bus
  3. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter
  4. Respect people and their property while waiting for the bus
  5. Receive proper school official authorization to be discharged at other places than your regular bus stop
  6. After leaving the bus, cross at a designated street crossing where possible. If a designated street crossing is not available, walk 10 feet in front of the bus and wait until our driver ensures that it is safe and instructs you to cross. Do not cross behind the bus.


While on the bus, students will:

  1. Follow all instructions from the school bus driver.
  2. Fighting/Hitting/Spitting is prohibited
  3. Students must remain in their seats and remain seated at all times while the bus is moving
  4. Keep all parts of the body and belongings inside the bus
  5. Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus
  6. Throwing objects is not permitted
  7. Never tamper with or damage the bus or any of its equipment, this includes vandalizing
  8. Profanity/Vulgarity/Harassment/Intimidation to the bus driver or other students will not be tolerated.
  9. Remain quiet when approaching a railroad crossing
  10. Remain in the bus during road emergencies except when it may be hazardous to their safety.
  11. Keep aisles free of any objects at all times (backpacks, carry-on items)
  12. Controlled substances or drugs are prohibited by law.
  13. Weapons of any kind are prohibited including fireworks


School Bus Behavior
The bus driver will report misconduct occurring on the school bus to the Campus Culture office.
All levels of discipline will be reported on a School Bus Conduct Report and turned into Campus Culture office for action.
For Misbehaviors that interfere with the orderly transportation of students, the bus driver may address the misbehavior with
    1. Verbal warning and write up issued
    2. Assign to front row of seats
    3. Contact with parent
    4. Loss of bus privileges for up to 5 days
    5. For behaviors that endanger the safety of the driver or students and which impairs the driver’s ability to drive safely, the bus driver reports the misbehavior to Campus Culture staff who will work with Transportation Supervisor to administer consequences. (See also CEC Student and Family Handbook)

NOTE:  Immediate loss of transportation privileges may occur depending on the severity of a rule violation (including, but not limited to: weapons, drugs, physical violence, vandalism, actions that may adversely impact the safety of others, etc.). Parents/guardians are then responsible for their student’s transportation to and from school.

Student Damage Charges

Students will be charged parts, labor and any additional cost for the damage that they cause to CEC school buses. Student will not be allowed transportation until repair costs are paid in full.

 Food and/or Drink on the Bus

Eating or drinking on the bus is prohibited. There may be circumstances where eating or drinking on a bus will be necessary. The bus driver has sole authority in determining situational needs.


  • Only school personnel and students assigned to a school bus for a particular route and schedule may board or ride the school bus. All other individuals including parents/guardians must receive PRIOR approval from the Transportation Coordinator prior to being allowed to board or ride on a school bus.
  • Students may not exit the bus at a stop that is not their pick up or drop off selected during enrollment without prior permission from the school or parent. The parent must contact the school to request this change. 
  • Carry-on items will be limited to those items that can be safely secured by the student while riding on the bus. Carry-on items that are brought onto the bus will be secured keeping the aisle-way clear at all times.
  • Items NOT allowed on the bus: animals, balloons, laser pointers, weapons, or explosive items, any tobacco products, matches, glass, lighters or any item that is health or safety hazard.


Evacuation Drills

School bus evacuations will be conducted twice during the school year.

 Bus Passes

  • CEC uses a GPS system to monitor and track our buses. 
  • Every student who rides a CEC bus must be able to present their Z-Pass card and scan on and off the bus. Students without a pass will need to obtain a new pass from the school. Your student will be charged $5. If the student returns the pass undamaged within a week, they will receive a $5 credit back to their account. 
  • Parents have the option to sign up for free notifications through SafeStop® of when their student scans, the location, and the time. You can find more information on the CEC Transportation Website.
  • Replacement Z-Pass cost will be $5 per replacement pass. Please see student Handbook for additional information.


Audio / Video Recording

Audio and Video recording will be conducted on the bus by CEC surveillance equipment . Students will not be notified when a recording device has been installed and is in use. Recordings will be treated as protected student records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.


Bus Routes



Bus Routes