CEC Students, Staff Celebrate Keith King Day!

In 2015, Gov. John Hickenlooper proclaimed October 24 Councilman Keith King Day. On Tuesday, CEC students celebrated the day by greeting King as he visited each campus. CEC Heads of School sponsored a limousine and chauffeur, who picked up King and his wife, Sandi, at their house in Monument the morning of Oct. 24. The two were then driven to all the campuses in Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins and Parker. At each stop, students and staff greeted the couple and help special events and ceremonies in their honor.
King said the day offered “most impressive display of appreciation, just not for me for everything our organization has done for these kids. It was so humbling to see how much we are doing for kids, and to see how well they like what they are doing at CEC. Our kids really appreciate what we’re doing.”
King said he even signed autographs at CECFC Middle School in Fort Collins.
“It was unbelievable,” He said. “Middle schoolers were sticking their notebooks in limo window for autographs. I will never forget that day. It really was a day for all of us and what we are doing for these kids. They are phenomenal and are accomplishing so much.”
Above: Colorado Early Colleges Parker students welcome King to their campus; (Top Right) Colorado Springs Early Colleges senior Zoey Hammer reads a poem for King; and King visits Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins Middle School.
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