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Infinite Campus Portal Questions and Requests

Thank you for contacting Infinite Campus support for Colorado Early Colleges.  We are happy to help you with your IC account and any log-in issues you might be having. 

If you need support for issues beyond logging into your Infinite Campus portal, please call your school directly:
Colorado Springs:  719-955-4675
Fort Collins High School:  970-377-0044
Fort Collins Middle School:  970-316-6264
Parker:  720-638-6824
Aurora:   720-572-5040

Portal Link:   https://cec914.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/cec.jsp

Important things to know:

The IC portal is a "single" login so parents/guardians will be able to see information for all students in your household who attend CEC (if you have multiple children who attend CEC.)  
Parents/Guardians who had student(s) attend CEC in previous school years and have previously logged into IC DO NOT need to reactivate their account.   Your new student will automatically be linked to your existing IC account.
Everyone has their own log in and will get their own activation email or their own credentials from the school.  

Activating your IC account should go smoothly if you carefully follow all instructions including the ones in any emails you receive and the ones on the portal log-in page.

When you have logged in, please go directly to to Account Management, Contact Preferences and Notification Settings to complete setting up your account.

Parent/guardians, please go to Household Information and Family Members to update all your student's information.

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Identity Verification

To protect student confidentiality, if the information you provide here is different than the what your school has on records, you will be asked to go to the school in person to receive your Infinite Campus credentials.

Please note that logon information will be sent ONLY to email addresses that are listed in your school records even if you provide a different email address here.

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